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                                     We are moving to our new website soon!!! 
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Image of love from our favorite LBGT world user member Tabatha (Tabby) Kopp She loves to chat with LGBT people and she makes images like the one up top to spread the word around that it is ok to be who you are. She has a very creative mind. She is fabulous person to talk with. The image represents the sign of try to build strength when a bullie is near by. Be tough and never be scared to show yourself. She wants LGBT citizens to be comfortable, Make  the world your home because everybody has the right to be themself.                         

  Ever been bullied or know somebody that's getting bullied? Every had that feeling you can't do nothing about it or Nobody will listen? Alot of people espically LGBT citizens remain in secret and don't feel comfortable of themselves, this happens because of second thoughts, we think again and again, is my sexual orientations right? I'm religious, is there a church that supports same sex lifestyles? But think postive just this one time.... Does LGBT world research these questions and find solutions? Of coarse we do! We set up events in schools, community's, etc... all around the world to exercise your same sex rights! If you ever think about sucide, Need a guide to come out to your family and friends? well LGBT staff is here for you!, We all have different jobs, but we are all willing to help in any way, shape, or form all for free... Available 24/7 by telephone, texting, social network, messengers, web-cams, email and more! If you have contact with us, we want to have contact with you just to make sure your life is going FABULOUS!!!! Its our pledge to remember you by name and by sight, we will always make sure if you need anything, or if you need us... Our website email is currently open at: lbgtstaff@gmail.com National coming out day is approaching, and lot of events but we need to remind people we need more awsome people to become part of our staff... To keep up with anything by volunteering.
Hey all you Pokemon fans and game players. I made this group so we can talk bout where to find pokemon on games, share friend codes, etc.
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LBGT world now has a group page, if you would like to create a group, there is a link above this block called "Make a group" (for members, moderators, etc...) can see it except guest because they most likely have to sign up... People will comment and post pictures of what group they love... Hope you like the new feature :)
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Check out survey page here... We want you to join our survey page to tell us what we did wrong and what we can improve on, So actually we want you to judge and tell us everything that is NOT working or something about the website you like :) This goes from everything from the chat-room, online games, voting poll, podcast, LBGT world news, LBGT world magazine, Etc... Even if you got suggestions we want to hear it! We absolute without a doubt want to hear from everybody because your all our favorite people. You want something done, well we can try and make that happen if the server aloud's it. So please contact us and tell us what we can do better today, RIGHT NOW! without hesitation. The staff is sure to be friendly and welcoming, That's our guarantee promise!   
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