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WOW!!!!! A advice page, thank goodness the lbgt has this. Thats right!!! :) we have a advice page. For people who want to come out of the closet and be themself. Why should you have to look around at the interent for advice about your sexuality? Thats why me and my friends create this web site, People can come out and feel so freely as free as you want to be. Lets just say how about we just give out some advice for free, or do you have to go to your overly payed human resources to go see a physcrist/physcologist and be in there for a hour and have to pay $100 for a hour session, when u can come here, chill out and relax, OH :O and dont forgot you can meet some friends and maybe get in a relationship. But let's all be safe first. By the way this website is for everybody regardless of your age. Whatever happenes here, stays here, including your information thats private. LETS GET TO THE ADVICE SHALL WE!!!?
Title: coming out of the closet and make sure the ligts off: That title means if yor a closet gay and you only come out to friends, that means your kinda out there and you are telling the people you only know. Thats a good start, the reason is always come out to your friends first whether it is a boy or girl but always come out to girls in my opion because boys listen to this, girls like being around gays because the girls feel safe around them because they know that the boy is gay and wont want to have sex with the girl. Yes it sounds kinda funny but true. Girls like gay people because of there funny sense of humor. Girls you can come out to anyone you want, because well i live i have friends who just have friends accept for who they are. Now coming out to your parents maybe hard, so if you get in to a fight with one of your parents and when you finally calm down take them to a private place and say mum or father im really stress out about this because i told all my friends and they accept for who i am, and say dad or mum i know i made a huge mistake in life by doing this but im gay or if bi-sexual it will help.
Dealing with the unaccepted society: If society looks at you because your hanging with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or if your a transgender and see you holding and kissing with the same sex. They will judge you, but tell them (if they come up to you) that you and everybody has rights and one of those rights that is that everybody can be who they want to be along as they love themself for who or and they feel comfortable with. Ask them what do they mean whats wrong with liking the same sex, im sure you wont hear a word out of there mouth, just their mind thinking.
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