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LBGT world feature


From the FOUNDER and CREATOR of the LBGT world social website! 
We have release alot of stuff from the LBGT world social website mobile, Groups, Rewards, Guestbook, online games, etc... But of coarse the upgrading is NOT done yet!, Please read below for the future features coming by next year 2012 and it should be done by 2013.... 

Future features~

1: Admire me- Description: This is our greatest idea developement future yet! You will be able to admire anybody that lives in your area or anywhere across the world, You will also be given the chance to say something about yourself in your all about me in the admire me feature!... If you push the yes button you will be able to give that person a gift to boost your admire. 
PLEASE put your mouse over these words>>>

2. Avatar chat- Description: Choose your own avatar, Make your own avatar!, Create your own avatar room! Make friends, Use your imaginary! Play games, get daily tokens by logging in!

3. Earn tokens! By doing fabulous stuff around the lbgt world social website, by playing games, clicking on LGBT advertisements, etc... PLEASE put your mouse over these words>>> 

4. Make a joke, create a joke, favorite your joke, etc... 

5. Our IM+ will let you chat with your friends, screen share, play games with yourself or others, etc...!
NO image! 

More features coming soon! 

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