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Beta Registration form

The LGBT WORLD Opens Pre-Registration for BETA

Hey Members! Today we are opening for registration for already members that signed up on our lgbt world social networking website, in the BETA process we are moving servers for a better, more comfortable social network and the current members will not be able to transfer unless notify and in contact. This is basically an opportunity for you to raise your hand and elect yourself to help evolve the core product as versions are released over the coming months. If you already have a lbgt world account then you just need to tell us what it is by entering your submitting the appropriate correct information in the form below  and we will make sure you are with us and don't miss a moment as we go live. If you are new to LBGT WORLD just create a new account by filling in the relevant information by clicking here, which will be enough to get you started.

What happens next?

Once you have completed this form you will immediately receive an email confirming our receipt. WIthin the next 4 weeks you will also receive access to a gated discussion forum dedicated to the development of the LBGT world product. You will be invited to provide constructive ideas and feedback on the site as it is developed.

Please click here to review our privacy policy. And please read our terms and conditions. By submitting this form you agree to these conditions.

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