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The LGBT world social networking website is run entirely by volunteers for the benefits of the community. We realize a lot of people would like to help, but don't have the skills, or don't have time for the tasks needed. So, we decided to post a donation page. We encourage our visitors and members to donate to help us keep this site online, Pay for hosting, maintence, administration tasks, and upgrades needed to make our site run more smoothly. We have posted the various items on our to-do list below so you can learn more about them before you make your decision. The one marked "Required" are our top priorities and simply must be done. The ones marked "optional" may or may not actually come to fruition. 

Required: Regular business fees, hosting, live support, est..: $22.99 a month This should cover regular business operations for the time being. I am including fees such as hosting and domain name. 

Required: Chat Roulette Clone- About $88 This plugin will allow members to randomly cam with other members on our site. Feel Free to make a donation to us at: lbgtstaff@gmail.com using paypal, check, money, etc...

To fill out Donation form please click on rainbow button for credit card, paper money, and checks to be sent to us. Or click on the orange button to pay by Paypal.  You may click here to donate. 
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