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Fashion shop

          Welcome to LGBT world social networking website Fashion Shop!!! You can choose clothes from us or you can either make your own~ Please choose how you would love to see our LGBT world fashion shop by seeing it on our fashion page or pop up mode. Down below you can read the popular questions or you can email us your question at: lbgtstaff@gmail.com
  • How can i view the LGBT world fashion shop?  Answer: You can click here to view it on our website or click here for pop up mode
  • The pop up mode doesn't work :(? Answer: If it doesn't work please make sure your browser settings are not blocking the pop up blocker in pop up blocker mode... if your unfamiliar with how to undo the popup blocker please consult with one of our friendly and supportive LGBT world social networking staff, we will more happy to gladly assist you. Please click here for contact page
  • What is your return policy?  *Please put your mouse over the words for the following details*
  • What is the shipping times?  *Please put your mouse over the following details*
  • Can i change my shipping address?  *Please put your mouse over the following details* 
  • Can i get Express shipping if you offer it?  *Please put your mouse over the following details* 
  • What quality is the clothes, accessories,etc... in your LGBT world fashion shop? *please put your mouse over the detail information*
  • Do you offer discount codes? Yes we do... Please see our twitter or Facebook page for the coupon code offer. 
  • How do i redeem the coupon code?  Put your mouse over the words. 
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