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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer on LBGT (lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, transgender)straights,etc..... If you're a level-headed person and enjoy working in a social environment then becoming a volunteer on the LBGTworld website is for you!!! :) Before you try and fill out our application form, please remember that you must be: - A current member of our website at LBGTworld.ucoz.com;  -  Willing to volunteer over five hours of your time each week; (If you can, but don't have to because we understand that people have other things to do - Able to access and install Skype (www.skype.com) ATTENTION: if you can't install skype, we will just have to go with msn, yahoo, aim, etc... but skype is highly recommed; - English speaking; - Willing to submit to an interview and training prior to becoming a volunteer (NOT a interview in person but by VIA text. If you are good to go, please read the following about this application process. - This application will be used to evaluate your character, effort, and experience - After filling out the form, it can take up to ten working days to receive a response - You will be asked to attend a brief (and hopefully enjoyable) "interview" - IMPORTANT: There is a direct correlation between the number of successful applications and the number of people who put effort into the quality of their writing in the applications Best of luck!
P.S: PLEASE note that these jobs DON'T pay anybody and you may have to right click on the questions of the volunteering jobs and push "open in new tab"... THANKS for your understanding :)

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<<<What fashion designers do?
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<<<What Abuse Report Form handlers do?
What Contact Us handlers do?
<<<What Forum Moderators do?
What fun organizers do?
<<<What LBGT Journalist do?
What Event Builders do?
<<<What LBGT magazine workers do?

What LBGT PodCast Host do?
<<<What LBGT administrators do?
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