Welcome to LBGT (Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Gay, Transgender) Straights, Etc... world social website


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LBGT world chatroom!

LBGT world Chat

I accept the policies below and wish to enter the chat rooms

Be Honest about Yourself and your Intentions

Members promise that they will present their true identities. When engaging other members, be honest about who you are, and don't mislead them.

 Care for and Respect Each Other


Members of the LBGT all have the same rights as each other to a safe and friendly environment, everyone (moderators) included.

  • Always respect each others' points of view
  • Provide help to people who ask for it
  • If you feel you or somebody else is at risk, raise your hand by telling a moderator (gold) or, and Administrator (Red)
  • Never exclude another member from the group
  • You should not bully or harass other members, directly or indirectly
  • Spamming or flooding is not allowed, as it disrupts other member's LBGT world chat experience

Look after your privacy:

Your privacy is very important! Make sure that you stay safe by making sure that you do not share information and pictures with other people. Never give out or display your or other's personal contact information including your email address, IM contact or phone number, etc, unless of coarse you are doing it in private chat then it is ok!


Remember, you are responsible for yourself and your safety!

The Volunteer Hosts


LBGT world website has a team of hosts/staff who are there to help you. They assist in the operation of the chatrooms and forums by helping members and keeping the room safe from trouble.
  • Please contact a LBGT world Host that is highlighted as a moderator/operator *gold* or administrators *White* if you need any help, or are having a problem with other users
  • Members should always be able to be contact the LBGTworld staff.
  • Fair instructions from LBGT Hosts should be followed
  • Do not expect chat hosts to become involved with personal or social issues between members: be grown up and solve your own personal disputes

 Know the law!

Members of LBGT world will not make any of the following actions;

  • Posting explicit or offensive content (such as pornography or disturbing imagery)
  • Take part in or promoting adult or illegal activity on the site
  • Using the site to hook up, arrange cam sessions or groom younger members
  • Harvesting and/or redistributing other member's messages or personal information
  • Hacking the LBGT world website in any way, shape or form

LBGT world operates under the law of the United states. All users must also obey/follow the local laws of their own state and country of residence.

Raise your hand if you see something happen.


If you see somebody in need of a hand, feel unsafe, or think that there is something a moderator should be aware of, always raise your hand and point it out. If you cant find a staff member available, please email us at lbgtstaff@gmail.com or message a moderators or administrators profile.

You can also submit a report to us by emailing us at lbgtstaff@gmail.com or by clicking on a moderator *gold* or, and Administrator *red* by clicking on their profile when they appear in the chatroom.

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