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LBGT world feature

LGBT network pride center terms and services of conditions:

It seems you are interested in becoming a partner of the LGBT network down below is a list of recommended requirements to open a lgbt network pride center:

  • Open the lgbt network pride center shop where people can buy our creative shirts/accessories or make their own shirt with a MUST provided computer so they can go online and make their clothes and accessories. You must provide the 10% percent. This is fair because people don't need the internet to get good deals. You will need to provided coupons in the daily newspaper. This is good to attract customers. 
  • You must have insurance so if somebody gets hurt in your pride center we can make sure they are taken care
  • Hire security guard-This is critical but if your planning on owning a shop and having lgbt community of people hang out there no homophobics will get in and cause troiuble
  • There must be a donation jar near the door. The donations must be logged in the forms provided to you. Please don't beg for donations
  • It must be in a clean, friendly, and non-homophobic environment
  • The building needs to be payed and owned not rented! This is highly required because we don't want the landlord to tell you to move and they have no pride center to hang out at. 
  • Music will be playing from our lgbt network radio over-head on the speakers built-in. 
  • No 3rd-party recommendation that isn't provide by the lgbt network website cooperate office. 
  • You will need counselors. 24/7 counselors. These counselors will be handling local crisis. Your lgbt network pride center must be open 24/7 for activities and crisis. Counselors will be dealing with walk-ins, on phone local crisis calls. Nobody is told to hold on. Everybody must feel comfortable and no judging
  • You will need to provided games like video games, board games, arcade games (non-paying), wifi, outlets, food, gym where they can play* volleyball basketball etc..., (if you want to add anything else to our list please tell us) 
  • All employees will get benefits you will need to provided them with. The benefits are listed below here.
  1. 75% company paid medical and dental for employees and dependents
  2. Health savings accounts
  3. 100% company paid life insurance
  4. Voluntary vision and AFLAC plans
  5. Stock options / 401(k) plan
  6. Generous vacation / PTO package
  7. 10 paid holidays per year
  8. Free gym membership
  9. Company sponsored events and catered snackes as much and as long you can provided for members, guest, fans, and employees.
  10. Free Starbucks coffee, RockStar, soda, juice and bottled water for members, guest, fans, and employees. 
It might be alot or it might not be. If you have any questions please use our contact form
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