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Welcome and thanks for wanting to order our free LBGT world rainbow bag We need all the information that is listed below in the form. After successfully filling out the form you will get a email shortly regarding the shipping status of your LGBT Rainbow Bag. Please allow two/2 weeks for shipping depending on where you live. The LGBT Rainbow bag is free. If you had to pay for the LGBT Rainbow Bag... please Notify us and we will look into that problem.  AGAIN ALL LGBT Rainbow Bag and prizes inside the LGBT Rainbow bag are FREE! LGBT Rainbow Bags and prizes inside the LGBT Rainbow Bag are made for love, support, equality, and promotion of our LBGT world social website. If you know any friends that wants a free LGBT Rainbow Bag with free prizes inside, please tell them to NOT hesitate to contact us by filling out this form. ENJOY YOUR FREE LGBT RAINBOW BAG!!! *PLEASE NOTE SMALL PARTS OF THE LGBT Rainbow Prize Bag ARE NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS OLD DUE TO SMALL CHOKING PARTS, TAKE PRE-CAUTIONS WHEN WEARING THE LBGT WORLD SOCIAL WEBSITE Rainbow bag and Prizes AROUND SMALL CHILDREN*  

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