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Welcome to the LBGT staff page of our social website, Our highly trained staff is here for all of you! If you need help please DON'T hesitate to call on our staff for assistance,.... Down below is a whole list of staff that they wrote a little Bio-poem about themself, And maybe a picture perfect smile with their display, They are listed with their username, display picture, their user group they are in and their profile.... Have you every though about putting your name here? Then today to get your self started! 


Head administrator:  Matt Wright *( LBGTmanager or friendsforlife) You can click on his profile here,
Bio poem: He is a fabulous person to be around and also a very good listener, He is on the website everyday... And writes down in a little-book of what to put on the LBGT (Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Gay, Transgender) Straights, Etc.... world social website, He wants you to give him suggestion by contacting him on here or email him at: lbgtstaff@gmail.com your guaranteed to hear from him, He makes sure all the features on the website are working and he is available for counseling, He is usually found in the chat-room, texting, msn, Skype, etc... Technical support, guidelines, podcast, etc... is always checked with him before anything gets put on the website. It is a very hard job but he is understandable and wants to get work done with a little play time. Mostly he jokes around... He has knowledge in html/bbc/web designing/picture and movie graphic design editing/etc.... type of work.... He writes stories, and always look at the internet (NO PORN SITES... HAVE NO TIME FOR THAT HEHE ) He wants you to be his friend get to know him.


Administrator group: Please DON'T be afraid of the administrators, They are here to help :) We are NOT strict people...

Brock Grant: * Broccoli*  Click on his profile here 
Bio poem: Is one of the nicest people you will ever find around, He knows what to do in tough situations, He loves to joke around but most of all he can really cheer somebody up when they are filling down from having a bad day. He is straight as he claims, But he surely doesn't mind and never will hate LGBT people for who they are, He believes in love, He is Christian so if you have any religious views about homosexuality Brock knows the bible of homosexuality, He will tell you the truth but he would never hate you for who you are, He is actually the best-est funnyest and funnest person you will ever meet in your life! He does get busy for school though but he puts a little time to chat. 

Tritan Jones:  *Magus*  Click on his profile here
Bio poem: Can you help you on anything or he will messaged the head administrator, He is super nice, and can take care of any problems that prosiest in the chat-room, Just send him the copy and save the chatroom and he will see what is allowed he can do, He is super helpful.


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