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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. All members agree to these terms and conditions upon registration.


1. Servers ("SERVER) - the computer(s) upon which hosting accounts are based, which are operated by LBGT uses to provide its services and file access 
2. Users – Any registered member of lbgtworld.ucoz.com 
3. Visitor – Any person on LBGT website 
4. LBGT – The website and the registered owners of the domain name: www.lbgtworld.ucoz.com


1. Users agree that they are between the ages of 1-100 years old upon registration 
2. Users agree to provide accurate personal information on registration and to modify it as soon as possible if it changes 
3. Users agree that they have read and understood the privacy policy. 
4. Users understand that LBGT may keep personal data for up to three years after their account is removed from the service 
5. LBGT will not exploit users’ personal information or pass it onto any third parties. Users do understand that they may receive emails regarding service upgrades from time to time as part of their membership. Users understand that they can exclude themselves from such mailings by deleting their account. This can be done by emailing lbgtstaff@gmail.com  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. 
6. Parents of minors' registered on the web site can remove their child's account by emailing lbgtstaff@gmail.com . Name and date of birth in the body of the message, explicitly stating who they are and their relation to the child.


1. You may not intentionally reload content repeatedly to hinder server performance 
2. You may only access pages under the domain www.lbgtworld.ucoz.com that you have been authorized to do so 
3. You may only login using the username and password that you’ve registered and/or that’s been designated to you 
4. You must pay attention to messages designating an age group to a content area, you must be within the age group specified to view the content Registration 
5. You should only hold one account at a time 
6. You may not claim ownership to an account, The LBGT own all accounts 
7. You may not resell accounts for currency, accounts are free 
8. You must only register using your own valid information as a source of input 
9. You agree not to use the web site for your own personal gain (i.e. In currency) and that you will not make claims or statements on behalf of the web site unless authorized to do so in writing


1. Content must not be discriminative, and you must remain sensitive to others feelings 
2. Content should be proof read before submission 
3. Content submitted must be your own, or approved for copy by the copyright holder 
4. You must provide proof of copyright ownership when requested, if applicable 
5. Images, media and files added to the server must be tasteful with no adult themes or content. Tasteful is by our definition… 
* Without showing male genitalia 
* Without showing female genitalia 
* Without crude profanity 
* Without an overtly sexual theme (moderate permitted) 
* Without the display of body products and secretions 
* Without the promotion of illegal activity 
6. Files must not contain traces of any form of virus, nor be designed with the intention of damaging the server or modifying the desired functionality of the web site and any of its services (those desired by the owners) 
7. Files and media uploaded must be relevant to the context in which they will be displayed 
8. Files and content must not be designed to promote in any way, other companies, web sites, products or services 
9. You must be authorized to add content 
10. You must not access the web site illegally to add content

1. You must respect the opinions and the beliefs of all, both in and outside of the community circle 
2. You must not make claims or statements on behalf of moderators 
3. You may not harass members 
4. You must not discriminate user participation 
5. You must only make posts under your email address which must be valid, or your own personal account 
6. No advertsing, plugging, requesting or encouraging the use of other web sites without prior permission (including linking) Webmasters or staff of websites doing so may be prosecuted 
7. Do not link to web sites containing adult material 
8. No spamming 
9. You may not flood or over-fill chat rooms or forums 
10. You should not design your font to appear overtly more flamboyant than another’s 
11. Links posted should be tasteful 
12. You should enter the chat room using the alias (username) that you registered with or not at all 
13. You should follow Operator requests in chat rooms, i.e. in a request to calm down or disperse 
14. You should not attempt to manipulate members or take control of the chat rooms and forums in any way whether social or technical. You may only do so in the latter method when written authorization is given. 
15. You must alert LBGT staff to offensive, overtly profane, adult and discriminative content where you find it 
16. You should not arrange to or advertise sexual activity for yourself or on behalf or other irrespective or age. We may ban or warn members should they do so. In the case or arranging sexual activity involving minors (those under 16 years of age - UK; or 18 US) we may contact member(s) local authorities for their own safety.

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