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What counselors do?

Counselors have every effect on the LGBT community... They are here for the LGBT 24/7 The members of the LBGT world social website must be able to count on them and be comfortable in seeking help before anything happens to them, Provide a safe, social background of sexuality's for them, Give advice, this is your time to shine as hero to save a life for LGBT citizens in the community... It is a true fact that LGBT teens and adults are
more at a risk for sucide than their straight peers, Let's put a stop to bullying and sucide and let them know that we are here for them as the life get's better. Even if they seem happy there is always a bottled up feeling for suicide in everyone, it never goes away but it can be help to control your feelings we all deserve to live and live in a positive social environment, love has NO gender right? So be a counselor and be a hero inspirational mentor today!!!



1: Must be friendly and calm,

2: Must be able to give really good advice,

3: Have physiology and sociology skills (optional)

4: Doesn't get angry easy, *(remember your trying to help someone make a positive life)

5: Be able to check on that person daily and see how they are doing and make sure they can count on you without a waiting list.

6: Remember them by name and face

7: Have good sportsmanship, cheer them on when they tell you something awesome happened in their life.

8: Provide comfort

It's a hard job but it's worth it at the end!
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