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What does a chat-room moderator do?

A chat-room moderator goes around the chat or stays in one room and helps people out, They solve fights, they must know whats going on at all times, Of coarse you can still chat like
 a normal person but just watch out for the guidelines if you have a feeling somebody is being harrased, teased, put down, or needs help please contact them in private chat to let them
know if they need anything and that your a friendly moderator, If anything happens in the chatroom that is a fight or before you kick someout of the chatroom please save all chatlogs
and email them to us... So we can go back later and check on this if the person is reported and not to worry this will be shown on how to do it in your interview and training.



1: must be friendly and talktive, can interact with people easily and can take a joke :)

2: Loves life, and can give good advice or is not easily distracted, alert at all time,

3: That's it, NOT to much of hard work :)

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