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LBGT world feature

What does a interview and trainer do?

The interviewer and trainer are the same thing, but it works like this LBGT world administrators will assign you a interviewer and at the end of the interview the interviewer person that was assign to you will email the LBGT world administrators the copy of the interview and from there we will decided if your are qualified for the job, If you are qualified for the job, You will be trained by a email sent from the LBGT world administrators that your interview person will proceed with the training and from their you will be sent a video on how to operate your LGBT job you choose, This is also a responsible job so make the best of it.... Here is the trick you will be notified by the administrator and the application holder to your assign interview person and you will given a copy of what would should be sayed at the interview and you will be assigned the video, that the LBGT world head administrator made...



1: Responsibility

2: Organized

3: Be nice and take the process of the interview seriously because it could effect the person that's trying to get the volunteer job

4: I think that's all there is, so have fun! :D

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