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LBGT world feature

Why did you get kick/banned out of the chatroom?

Dear Guest you got kick out/banned for violating these rules~~~~~ PLEASE read below! If you think this is all a misunderstanding please use our contact form or go to the persons moderator or administrator profile page that banned you and report them! We want you to keep chatting and have fun on our website, Most of the time it is a server error or the autobot comes in and kicks people out due to restarting of the server or spamming or flooding! 

The Administrators (RED) and Moderators (GOLD)

Rules on speech:

No flooding, this includes scrolling

Limit message sizes to under 250 characters

No typing in all or excessive CAPS

Explanation: Flooding (posting a message many times), scrolling (posting many times but with one or few characters per message), and messages with too many characters slow down the chat rooms for everybody. Because of this, a violation of these rules will result in the offender being kicked from the chat rooms. Typing in all or excessive CAPS is annoying. It doesn't necessarily slow down the chat rooms, but it does clutter the chat windows. A warning is issued to offenders of this rule.

Rules on speech:

No cybersex / vulgar nicknames

Keep the bad language to a minimum

Do not make threats of any kind.

Explanation: Cybersex is considered rude and offensive to many people. Vulgar nicknames are also considered rude and offensive. Because of this, a violation of these rules will result in the offender being kicked from the chat rooms. Using certain vulgar words is common among some people, but not all. Please respect fellow chatters and keep the bad language to a minimum. Excessive bad language will result in a warning.

Unwritten Chat Rules

Just as in real life, the Internet has certain things that you do and certain things that you don't do. For those of you that are relatively new to chatting, or the Internet in general, reading the following will help you understand chat etiquette and improve your ability to communicate with others.

Don't ask to be an moderator or and administrator.

When you enter a room do not ask for moderator status. When asked, the moderator will be less likely to give you this privilege, Only the head administrator (Matt wright) (username: LBGT manager) will allow you to become moderator or and administrator. But first you will need to take a interview! then we will see what happens from there.

Don't join chat rooms and then leave without saying som ytething.

Do not join a chat room and leave, or hop chat rooms. It is considered impolite.

Don't idle or lurk in a chat room.

When in a chat room, participate in the conversation. If you are going to be away from your computer for a short period of time, be sure to tell the other users. If you are a beginner, be polite and say, "I am new to chatting, may I watch quietly for a few minutes until I'm comfortable?"

Don't be impatient for responses.

If a user is slow to respond to you during a conversation, be patient and wait. Keep in mind this is a person and may have engagements other than the computer.

Don't use excessive colors/ASCII art without knowing chat room policies.

Be sure to check with an moderator before using large multi-line ASCII art or excessive colors. In some chat rooms it could be considered a flood and you risk being kicked out.

When entering a smaller chat room, ask if you are welcome there.

When you enter a chat room that has just a few users, ask if it is a private chat room, and if you are welcome there.

Be friendly, polite, and considerate.

Just as in real life, if you treat others properly and respect their opinions, they will treat you the same.

Things that NOT are suppose to be talk about in the chatroom. 

No cyber sex, drugs, asking to meet up unsafetly, C2C (webcam to webcam), giving out email address (only in private chat is allow), Harassing, and teasing.

Things you are NOT allow to post in the chatroom.

Any type of porn, advertisements from websites and tv shows that want you to buy something or just different websites that are just like the lbgt (lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, and transgender), anything that is drug relative, spamming for example like putting a website that has a webcam to webcam or and another example that is spamming like this "nsuyfegbyyrywfyeb"

Things that will get you a warning: 

Spamming, caps, Offensive attitude, More than the limit when you are using bad words, Advertising websites or and tv shows that you have to pay for (It could cause a scam) Not listening to the Moderators (GOLD) or and Administrator (RED) No Asking if anybody want's to meet up, wanting to c2c (webcam to webcam), No Using other foreign languages (only English is allow) (people want to be able to know what you are saying), No posting your phone number, where you live, or and email address in main chat, No Racialism, Religion depends on what it is on due to people have different and certain believes. No bad write backs (example: Stranger:can we please drop the subject, it is getting uncomfortable. You: No if you don't like what we are talking about then you can leave us alone and go find somebody else to talk about a subject that you like.) <<< That is a bad write back, When the person tells you NOOOOO!!! we are not going to change the subject just because you don't like what we are talking about, Then you let a moderator (White) Or and administrator (Orange) know and they will deal with it, Or if no moderators or and administrators are in the chatroom then email the lbgtstaff@gmail.com ASAP! (As soon as possiable) As soon as this happens because then one of the administrators or and moderators will get the message and head to the chatroom as fast as they can. 

Things that will get you banned (banned is only up for 1 hour): <<< No that's not a sad face:, Ok let's tell you want can banned you for one hour from the chatroom:Spamming, Writing in excessive caps, Flooding, advertisment, promoting websites without lbgtstaff administrator written copyright.

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