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Sign up here!!! (COPY AND PASTE LINK IN THE URL OR EMAIL US AT lbgtstaff@gmail.com IF IT DOESN'T WORK)   


or Click here!

Please sign up because you can play games, win possibly prizes, listen to our podcast, watch movies, fill out surveys to tell us and to show us how we can be able to make the website better!, become a chatroom moderator or any job you want (volunteering only, SORRY WE DON'T PAY, MAYBE WE JUST MIGHT PAY THE VOLUNTEERS SOMEDAY, WE JUST COUNT ON IT) get updates, get tips on how to stop homophobia  and etc...

Yes it is! A good thing is people can sign up for free. We have NO ads/advertisement on the LBGT world social website. We offer alot of stuff.   

If you have a troubleshooting problem like NOT being able to sign up, Can't access the chatroom, etc... well whatever it is then we have a "LIVE TROUBLESHOOTING CHAT" (COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK IN THE URL) or email us at lbgtstaff@gmail.com

or Click here!

YAY!!!! you have suggestion! :) well if you have a suggestion we will surely be more than excited to hear it so email us at lbgtstaff@gmail.com, tell one of the moderators or administrators, leave it in the forum section tab or where ever you can find us...

HELL YEAH!!! you can see and we are willing to show you as well! :)

We sure will love to and sure will! Alongs as you didn't make a porn website hehe

1. Have you ever witness anything like somebody going to meet a person for sex? Wherever you have seen that the person was going to meet up for sex then please copy and paste the chat ( you had talk with that person one and one and they told you or you witness it) and email it to us at lbgtstaff@gmail.com and we will have a serious talk with them and see what happens from there.

2. Got mistreated by our friendly staff that probably didn't have a good day? Make a report of what happen or if it happen in the chatroom then please save the chat logs by doing a screen shot or clicking on the save chat button.

3. Rumor going around about you from somebody on this website? Make a report with your username and the other person (that started the rumor) username about what you heard or seen then please again copy chat logs or make a report about why you think this happen.

4. Reporting user because they want sex, unwanted contact, harassing you, etc... Please save chat logs and make a report about what happen and how it started. email it to us at lbgtstaff@gmail.com or a administrator profile. But in the mean time if they are contacting you by private chat in the chatroom then use the block button, Of coarse they still talk about you when you block them but you won't see the messages and let a moderator (gold) or, and administrator (red) know that you have block them (if you don't feel like blocking the person because you are sooo nice) and still contacting you. Give the moderators (gold) or administrators (red) your username and password and then exit the chatroom so we can logg in on your profile that way the person bothering you, we can let them know that the moderator (gold) or administrator (red) now has your profile and we will talk to them and we just might kick them in the mean time... but while you are waiting for you to have your profile back (it should take about couple minutes) please wait in the ''TROUBLESHOOTING CHATROOM" and we will let you know, and let you know by VIA email.

                    ATTENTION: LBGT WORLD staff is highly trained to deal with these problems, and when you report someone we WON'T let them know you turn them in... SO YOU WILL ALWAYS REMAIN ANONYMOUS .

ATTENTION: you can only get banned by the head administrator!!!

Maybe because you got reported... and didn't listen to the warning. please read our terms and conditions which is locate in the forum. ( copy and paste this link in your url) http://www.lbgtworld.ucoz.com/forum/11-6-1

WAIT!!..... i get a warning? :/ yes of coarse you get a warning. But how many warning's did i get? we will give you 3 warning then your out.

But can i make another profile? Only if you can write a sincerely apologize (we don't suspect it to be long, maybe just one sentence) because we can block your IP address.

How do i know if i got a warning? We will email you, let you know in the chatroom, by private messaging you, and you will be in the ''BLOCK group"

SURE!!!!!! we can help you!!! we will try our best so just let us know what your website is going to be about and what you want done. and we can be sure to help you out!!! see told you we are such fablous people that love to make things happen. :)

SURE!!!! we will love to give you our personal contact information such as emails, phone number, etc.... ( PLEASE!!! take note that some staff members will NOT want you to have their personal contact information)


skype: friendsforlife28

msn: matt.wright.7@hotmail.com

aol: mattsbloglife@aol.com

gmail: crazyboyweird0@gmail.com or lbgtstaff@gmail.com   ( that is 2 email address that i have on gmail.com from google)

phone number: Please ask for it....

Well we didn't want to tell you that we can see the private messages in the chatroom when it is just you and another user. But yeah we can see the private chats in the chatroom... Only the administrator's can see it, NOT the chatroom moderators.

But do you care what i post in private chat? Nope we don't care what you post in private chat unless it offends the other person then we care and we will take serious matters...

It is called high speed interent! haha well maybe that is one thing but we make sure it is fast because we love our guest, members, and staff and we want to see you here. We have something called file manager so we delete pretty much everything in the file manager list because it has MB (mega bites which means we upload big files)

We update the website alot, that is why u see it offline most of the time. But we also update it because it is either getting old so we try our best to make it look better!

If it is please email us at lbgtstaff@gmail.com
Please NOTE: to include your name, email, and username

To read a new or write a private message do the following:
1. Go to the site ( www.lbgtworld.ucoz.com )
2. Authorize yourself by entering your email address and password (that you signed up with).
3. Open your personal page by clicking "My profile" or "Personal section".
4. Go to "Private messages" section.

Hope this helps!!! :)

There will be a enevelope in the users bar at the top, or there will be a pop up ajax window that will pop up saying you now have a new private message! 
Check out screen shot...

Security codes are on this website because it blocks robots from signing up, so security codes are use to let the administrators know that you are human.

HAHA nope, but we will love to think we are! :)

Nope! sorry but we block it, so people can sign up, so only if you sign up you will be able to see the pictures in the gallery.

If you are a guest, the picture gallery won't show the images and when you click on play slideshow, good try but the pictures still won't work, instead it will say "Error while parsing the XML file. Check out your XML structure for defining albums and slides." so you must sign up.

yep it is a NEW thing we did!

but everytime it asks me if i want to watch it "it in low quality or high quality it sends me to website called ireel.com,
Just click on the green arrow. Don't need to worry about the low or high quality.

In order to recovery your password click on the login form! and click forgot password!

But it sent me a email in Russian!  I can't read Russian! If in that case that happens then please email us at lbgtstaff@gmail.com, message a administrator or moderator or you can also message their profiles and they will tell the head administrator (LBGTmanager) but it says "secret question" then please still email us at lbgtstaff@gmail.com with your email address and your email address password (you can trust the lbgtstaff team)

Well we to answer back in 2 hours but due to less staff members we try our best to be available 24/7 (24 hours and 7 days a week) but if their is a fight in the chatroom we will try to get there ( if we are online) less than 20 seconds... so if nobody responds back to the email then please save the chat log and email it to us at lbgtstaff@gmail.com or try to fight them off yourself or ask for the moderators or administrators phone numbers so we can pick up our phones when it rings and tell us what is happening... So we can enter the chatroom! ( maybe we just might let you be the person who kicks them out of the chatroom, after all we are fun, outgoing, etc... type of people which means our type is rare!)

Reason is because your a guest and guest don't have access to most of the pages unless they sign up! Or if you are a member, some pages could been upgrading because they are out of date which means we are writing a new page

Ucoz is the server our website is on! It is just a server were we got our website from!

LBGT stands for (lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, and transgender) straights,etc....!
We just make people happy, teach them advice, help them with information about the LGBT community, make the website better, etc... their is just too much to list!

Well i (head administrator) Matt Wright got all my friends together just to make this social LBGT world website because when i didn't know who to turn too and how to contact people like me that are gay or whatever! i didn't have NO friends except cyber friends... Then when i thought long and hard about my relationship with the LGBT community, i knew i wanted more! So i decided to make a LBGT world social website...

Our way of having fun, it just another way of telling you to enjoy life because it does get better as a LGBT citizen!

We get are lovely colorful text design from http://cooltext.com and yes it free and simple to make and add! (If you need help let us know by emailing lbgtstaff@gmail.com and we will help with you, with the text! ^_^

If you want to follow us WITHOUT a twitter account please text follow lbgtlife to 40404 and will receive a text message from twitter with our last tweet, and every time we write a new tweet it will send a text you with the tweet we tweeted, it is free 
but standard texting rates may applied so keep that in mind :D (BELOW) is the list on how to get a notificiation tweet from us on your via mobile phone text... Read carefully 
Notification tweet for texting:
1: Make a new message that is empty and is NOT being send to a contact such as for example "Jerry 555-555-5555"
2: You already have the clean texting page with nothing on it? FABULOUS!!! Now there is a box that says "TO:" (WITHOUT quotion marks) write the number in the box that is our
tweet number which is 40404
3. Now write in the text box follow lbgtlife and push "send"
4. Wait for a few seconds to a minute for twitter to automatically text you back with our last tweet
5. Now congratulations you signed up for free lbgtlife notifications texting... Terms and conditions along with standard messaging rates may apply. 
Questions, concerns, etc... please email us at: lbgtstaff@gmail.com 

If you uploaded a picture to the photo gallery on here or maybe in the forum, guestbook, or anywhere it could be administrator or moderator pending approval or if you uploaded it to unet.com system it is also pending approval we will let you know when it is available or you will see it :) Make sure your photo is picture perfect and happy smiles or show off your sexy modeling but please make sure it is a photo of you or a event, or something you made or attended.

It is possiable to get updates from LBGT world. All you have to do is go to control panel at the top of your LBGT profile block and click on control and scroll down to Notifications about updates and click in the check box thats provided... Look at the pictures for steps... If your having problems please fill out our contact form.

Of coarse! The LBGT world head administrator knows alot about software from photo editing, html codes, bbc codes, screenshots, chatroom, javascript, Podcast, apps, News, Computer tech, Etc... Please email our favorite outgoing head administrator at: lbgtstaff@gmail.com 
He will also be able to help you!!! He loves helping people. Request by asking for Matt Wright the creator and head administrator of the LBGT (lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, transgender)straights, world social website. We are able to do anything!

We currently work in our own homes, The staff hasn't been that far promoted to work in a office, maybe someday, We will see and hopefully find out soon. :)

Yes we are on social media such as facebook, youtube, twitter, etc...! You can find social media bookmarks at the top of our page, it shows in the picture to look up at the top. It will link you to our fan page site on those social media's, Hope this helps! :D