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9. Alexandra Ray [Lexie]   (2013-05-16 11:49 PM)
Matt miss you TONS where u at now???
PLEASE let me know if u need anything!!
Not kidding. Cause I care about u Matt..
Answer: Heyyy there Lexis I miss you too I live closer to you but not walking distance. I am fine dear. How are you doing speak to u hopefully soon

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8. Alexandra Ray [Lexie]   (2012-10-22 9:31 PM)
Good job on the site!!!
Whats up every1
Answer: Thanks so much~ We are all doing fabulous. Thanks for the postive feedback buddy

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7. Tabatha Kopp   (2011-11-03 6:24 PM) E-mail
I freaking love this website!! smile
Answer: Awww thankies! We love you more

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6. Anthony B.   (2011-10-07 9:12 PM)
Good job on the site ^^ May it become even greater in the future
Answer: It will be more and alot better in the future buddy~

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5. Quentin Angelenargh   (2010-07-05 5:05 AM) E-mail
The first time I saw this site about a month or so ago, I was blown away by how creative and real it looks. And this was all created by a teenager and his friends I think.
Very impressive! smile biggrin
Answer: Awwwww, We are trying our best buddy to upgrade it with alot more features so it will be awesome

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4. artichoke1 artichoke1 [artichoke1]   (2010-06-12 4:17 AM)
Hey man looks good lol
Answer: Hey! smile Thanks!!

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3. robert comerford [RJ]   (2010-06-11 9:08 PM)
good job biggrin
Answer: Thankies Robert! biggrin we are trying our best

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2. Danny [Danny]   (2010-06-11 4:56 PM)
Awesome website! hehe well done!
Answer: Thankies danny! We are trying very hard

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1. matt wright [LBGT_manager]   (2010-06-10 0:17 AM)
HEYA tongue welcome to the guest book on lbgtworld. we will love u to post your comments,concers etc, in here or if u want to keep them private message the lbgt staff. THANKS!!! and enjoy your pleasnat stay here.


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